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ANI plast is a Russian manufacturer of spillway valves. The company entered the plumbing market in 2001 and currently occupies a leading position in the segment of inexpensive and high-quality products at the same time. The assortment of the company at the moment allows satisfying the needs of consumers in all groups of goods in this area of sanitary equipment.
Thanks to the high quality of products, modern appearance and convenient packaging, the products under the brand name ANI Plast successfully conquer not only the Russian market, but also markets of the CIS countries, displacing more expensive products from Europe and less quality products from Poland, Turkey, China, and so Other domestic producers.
Products of ANI plast received wide recognition from specialists in the field of sanitary engineering. The company constantly participates in international industry exhibitions such as AQUA-THERM in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Kiev, MOSBUILD Moscow, ISH 50 in Frankfurt, MCE in Milan, «BIG 5», Dubai. High requirements in the selection of raw materials, strict observance of production technology allows the company to give a guarantee of 10 years for all products.
At the moment we are working with partners from 35 countries. These are the countries of the CIS, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Asia.
In 2014, a production site was opened in Lithuania in the city of Klaipeda. This allowed our company to significantly strengthen its position in the Eastern European market.
At the enterprise there is a division engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality molds. All prototypes and industrial samples are tested in their own laboratory equipped with special test equipment.
Most of the products produced by ANI Plast pass 100% quality control before reaching the consumer. The company conducts technical monitoring and monitoring of production processes around the clock. Such control at all stages of production makes it possible to exclude the entry of substandard products on the market. It is worth noting that the plant's quality service employs 16 people.
All products are made of high-quality polypropylene and are equipped with the necessary elements for assembly. Accessories are also made of modern materials: drain grids - made of stainless steel, screws - from chrome-plated brass, flat or conical gaskets - made of plastic. Each product is individually packaged in polyethylene. The products are packed in corrugated cardboard boxes with an individual label, on which the necessary information is indicated. Boxes are equipped with perforations, allowing you to take products out of the box without opening it.
The products constantly undergo the procedure of voluntary certification and meet all the requirements of the regulatory documentation of the State Standard of Russia (GOST 23289-94 "Sanitary-technical spillway valves"). The products pass the quality control only in the specialized certification center of the Research Institute of Sanitary Engineering. The products are patented and have corresponding documents of the established pattern.
In 2017 the production was once again certified according to the quality management system ISO-9001: 2015 - an international certificate that confirms that the entire production process (pay attention - not the product, but the process) corresponds to those international standards, in which compliance products simply do not May be substandard.
ANI plast - the leader in the segment of inexpensive and high-quality sanitary ware. In a year the company produces 20 million products, while in Russia there are 50 million households, that is, Almost in every second house, every second apartment is our siphon. Or another fact - such a popular product as a flexible extension for the toilet. In Russia 5 million toilet bowls are produced annually, we sell 3 million extensions. That is, every second toilet is equipped with our product, the quality of products is consistently high. Quality control is provided at every stage of production.
For clarity, the following indicators can be noted:
The volume of manufactured flexible products is corrugated pipes of 1 million tons. 200 thousand pcs. per month;
Number of finished products: 1 million pcs. per month.
80% of Russian raw materials. We use only primary raw materials. Only if technology permits and does not lead to loss of quality and performance of the product, minimal addition of secondary raw materials is possible. Our company uses only advanced technologies, time-tested.
High-tech foundry is equipped with modern equipment from leading European manufacturers. So, 70 injection molding machines (injection molding machines) of leading European manufacturers ENGEL and DEMAG are installed and functioning at the plant. All automated production lines are equipped with several quality control systems.
Our company pays special attention to logistics and transport. Modern trade and logistics company

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